What Makes Myrtle Beach So Popular for Golfers?

It is no surprise that Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular golf destinations in the world. Located in sunny, coastal South Carolina, this community contains the nation’s leading golf courses, is home to many annual tournaments and events, and boasts mild, enjoyable weather pretty much year round. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that so many professionals, enthusiasts and tournaments flock to this region to savor all of the golf goodness the city has to offer.

The region lends itself to great courses, beautiful scenery, and ideal golf weather year round. Not only is it a major region of golfers, it also draws all kinds of tourism year round. Myrtle Beach is located on an extensive stretch of beautiful, pristine beaches in South Caroline and boasts a warm subtropical climate which keeps weather pleasant in for playing golf most of the year. This makes the area a hot spot for both vacationers and lovers of the game.

In addition to great year round weather, Myrtle Beach is also popular for golfers because it is home to some of the nation’s best courses. In addition to top courses, there are also a wide variety of courses on all different skill levels for golfers to choose from. One such course is the International Club of Myrtle Beach. Designed by William Byrd in 2000, this par 72 double tee course has smooth rolling slopes and features a tree lined magnificent course with great views. This is just one of the highly sought after professionally designed courses Myrtle Beach has to offer. In fact, there are dozens of great courses from fun to challenging, public, private, etc. There are so many different options that each golfer is able to find what they are looking for in a course.

With a long list of courses and outstanding weather, one can understand why there are so many annual tournaments in the area and year round golfing events. A variety of tournaments and events are held in Myrtle Beach annually with participants from all over the world in attendance. There are tournaments for every level of golfer and events happening at all times throughout the year. It is clear to see why this is a popular golf destination. Abundant, beautiful weather, great courses, year round events, pristine coastal views and scenery all lend themselves to this Southern Carolina city being the golfing destination for among golfers all over the world.

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